NBA playoffs Nuggets vs Blazers game 7

Nuggets They’ve been playing really well as a unit. Each game in the series an average of 4 people have scored in the double digits. And that has been key to them being able to win games. Their star Jokic has been really great for them in the series. He already racked up 3 triple […]


NBA playoffs Raptors vs 76ers game 7

For my last two posts talking about my final project will be game 7’s. From the Raptors vs 76ers and the Blazers vs Nuggets. This first one will be about the Raptors vs 76ers. This series match-up between the two have been one of the best series to watch in this years playoffs. Both teams […]

NBA playoffs Bucks vs Celtics game 5

Its funny how in the first game of the series everyone was rooting for the Celtics for their outstanding play against the Bucks. Were the Celtics really that much better than the Bucks? Or were the Bucks just not prepared for the physicality and aggression the Celtics came out with? I mean these last four […]

NBA playoffs Warriors vs Clippers game 5

You know this series has been an battle for the Warriors. Going into the series you’ll think they’d just sweep the Clippers since they barely made it into the playoffs. Surprisingly though the Clippers have been proving doubters wrong. And this game was a big step to make you think that the Clippers were much […]

Imagining the Blogosphere notes (late-pass)

Vocabulary Discursive – digressing from subject to subject Transnational – extending or operating across national boundaries Subjective – based on or influenced by personal feelings,tastes , or opinions Journalism – the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to the broadcast A biological community of interacting organisms and […]

NBA playoffs Bucks vs Pistons game 4

Today the bucks faced off for game 4 of the first round vs Pacers. Previously the bucks won 3 straight wins against their opponent. ( The NBA playoffs is a best of 7 game series. Which means that the first team to four wins win the series). They came in looking for the fourth straight […]